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32C3: “MonkeyBase” WriteUp

A group of highly trained monkeys from outer space have been using earthlings technology to communicate ( over the web ). we want to know their secrets and intentions so we infiltrated them. Here’s their platform of communication and an invite key:

invite key: d991065ab84307e7904e2b9b515a2d69

MonkeyBase was a simple PHP application that allowed users to chat. Let’s register ourselves using the invite key provided in the challenge description. We can now send messages to everyone who is currently logged in.

The “Help” Section mentions that we can use some BB codes in our messages, one of them is [URL]. After sending a link, the web app provides a preview of the url.

Let’s see if we are able to get a “preview” of local files! Read More

picoCTF 2014: “Make a Face – 100 (Web Exploitation)” WriteUp

It looks like Daedalus is working on a new project to generate digital avatars for use online. After taking a look, at their site: it seems like there is a pretty good chance the project isn’t completed, and may have some bugs. This might be the break we’ve been looking for to get inside their network.

It took me quite a while to figure this one out, especially since I haven’t written one single line of Perl in my life. Read More

picoCTF 2014: “Steve’s List – 200 (Master Challenge)” WriteUp

Section Chief Steve was super proud of the website he was writing, but he’s pretty new to programming. When Daedalus Corp caught wind of this, they hacked his site. Steve still has an old backup, but they changed the secrets! They sent us a cryptic message saying they bet we couldn’t read  /home/daedalus/flag.txt. Can you go get it for us?

Steve’s list was in my opinion the easiest of the master challenges.

Steve’s defaced site looks pretty bad. Let’s find out how Daedalus hacked it! Read More